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Gaining the greatest value for your decommissioned assets

With over 25 years of combined experience with auctions and liquidation across Dallas Fort Worth.

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We have you covered across advertising, auctions, liquidations, warehousing, and so much more.

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About United Auction Group

Creating the best value for your decommissioned and/or surplus assets is the number one goal at United Auctions Group.

Effective & Efficient

We have developed an ongoing engagement to facilitate the sale of your decommissioned, surplus or off-network assets. Once we understand your needs we can develop a tailored plan that is the best fit for you. In many cases we can start the process before you release your assets. Once we know the inventory we can start the presale process with our buyers.

We can be very effective with our advertising dollars to targeted buyers that are interested in your assets. We provide a complete solution. Once you have identified the assets to process our team coordinates everything from start to finish. Once we get started you can expect a check very quickly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to intelligently process your assets to gain the greatest value along with providing a professional transaction to maintain and build on the trust of our buyers and customers.

United Auction Group is ready, willing and able to meet your needs. Give us a call for an initial discovery meeting. We look forward to meeting you.


Take a look at the variety of services we offer

Advertising & Marketing

  • We have list of buys by category
  • We create a marketing strategy for each and every auction
  • No need to over advertise to buyer who have no interest
  • You want active buyer for the product category you are selling into

Asset Tracking & Management

  • We manage your asset as if they were our assets
  • We know where your product is from the time we pick it up through to the buyer
  • Most auctions take place in a matter of weeks
  • We process all inventory in a timely manner
  • Reporting is accurate

Revenue Sharing

  • How about 100% of the profit goes back to the customer
  • United Auction Group is transparent in all fees and commissions for each and every product sold
  • All buyer and Seller fees and commission well documented
  • Managed Services

Warehousing & Storage

  •  Overstocked
  •  Need to liquidate to gain space
  •  Just need extra time before you decide what to do with extra inventory
  •  We can manage it for you without you needing to expand your facility footprint
  •  Short term or long term
  •  We can also pick, pack and ship your inventory from our location

Logistics & Crating

  •  Everything about moving product requires logistics
  •  We can provide complete logistical support for the movement of your inventory
  •  We can go to your location and palletize or crate inventory to make ready for shipment
  •  We have electronic quoting capability from over 10 competitive carriers
  •  Local Pickup and Delivery in the DFW
  •  Regional hotshots also available
  •  Complete logistic solution

We Solve the Whole Problem

  • We have been in the auction business for over 17 years
  •  We understand the ebb and flow of inventory
  •  As we understand your business needs better we can provide solutions

Contact us

Get in touch with our team to gain the greatest value for your decommissioned assets.

(972) 979-4001

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